Elm Ent Surgery

Guide to Costs


Insured patients:

Invoices will be directed to the insurance company and are charged at their fixed rates. If no details are provided, we will invoice you directly at self-funding rates. It is the responsibility of the patient to obtain an authorisation number from the insurance company prior to the consultation, investigation, or surgery.

Any shortfalls, excesses or claims declined by your insurer are your responsibility.

Uninsured (Self-funding) patients:
Face to Face /Telephone/Video consultation New consultation: £250

Follow up consultation: £200

The following services are available on request:

  • Repeat prescription – £30
  • Medical report – from £150

*These services may not be covered by your insurer and in all circumstances, invoices will be sent directly to the patient. 


Mr Elmiyeh will make the following additional charges for carrying out any procedures during your outpatient appointment:

Nasoendoscopy:  £185 (fibre-optic examination of nose and throat)
Nasal cautery:  £145 (for nose bleeds)
Removal of foreign body from ear or nose:  £145
Aural toilet including microsuction (wax removal) :  £145

Hospitals/clinics also charge for the use of their medical equipment. This fee applies to all patients, whether insured or self-funding.  This charge is totally separate and additional to Mr Elmiyeh’s charges.  For more information about hospital/clinic fees, please speak to a member of staff at the appropriate hospital/clinic outpatient team.

Other outpatient costs

If any of the following investigations are required, you will receive additional charges from the specialist and the hospital/clinic at which it is carried out.  These are NOT included on Mr Elmiyeh’s bill and he is not responsible for these extra charges.  

Audiology (Hearing assessment) services

The audiologist will charge you for performing the hearing test and the hospital will also make a separate charge for use of their facilities.  There will be no additional charge from Mr Elmiyeh. For more information about hospital charges, please speak to a member of the appropriate hospital outpatient team.

Further investigations

Following your consultation, further investigations, such as blood tests or imaging (e.g. X-ray, MRI or CT scans) may be required to assist with diagnosis. These investigations can be undertaken at your chosen hospital and the fees will be determined by the individual hospital and you/your medical insurer will be invoiced directly. It is the patient’s responsibility to ensure preauthorisation.

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